In Photos: Students Unwind at Midnight Breakfast

During this annual tradition, GW students enjoy food and activities to de-stress during final exams.

Students took time to de-stress during the annual Midnight Breakfast event. (Photos: Sydney Elle Gray)
December 16, 2019

George Washington University students took a break from their studies on Wednesday night to enjoy the annual Midnight Breakfast event.

As a part of the Final Lap programming, the Midnight Breakfast is a GW tradition where students are able to enjoy some late-night breakfast and take part in fun activities to unwind.

In the Charles E. Smith Center, students played cards, board and arcade games, as well as PC and console video games. They also made stuffed animals and rode on an inflatable, winter themed slide. Breakfast included waffles with a toppings bar and donut holes from Krispy Kreme.

Take a look at some photos from the annuals:

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