GSEHD Examines Global Integration of Migrants and Refugees

March 27, 2017
Panel discussion brings together perspectives on refugee crisis and immigration across the globe.

Democratic Pollster Talks about Race and Politics

March 24, 2017
Political analyst Cornell Belcher tells GW audience that race remains the most powerful variable in U.S. elections.
Yeganeh Rezaian

Former Imprisoned Journalist Talks Reporting Under Threat

March 22, 2017
Yeganeh Rezaian shares with students in the Women’s Leadership Program the challenges facing female reporters in Muslim countries.

Stars Align for Generational Tax Reform

March 21, 2017
Chair and ranking member of House tax-writing panel discuss prospects at GW.

SPLC President: Trump Campaign Emboldened Hate

March 15, 2017
Leaders from the Southern Poverty Law Center spoke at GW about white supremacy and extremism in mainstream America.

Perceptions of President Donald Trump

March 08, 2017
Panelists at BBC radio taping at GW say Trump is without vision or untraditional, depending on your point of view.
dome file photo

GW Expert: GOP Health Care Bill Would Make Insurance Less Accessible

March 07, 2017
Faculty member says it will be nearly impossible for the legislation to pass.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Talks Trump, Russia Relationship

March 06, 2017
Michael McFaul says democratic protests in 2011 made Russian President Vladimir Putin nervous and turned him against cooperation with the United States.
town hall

Lindsey Graham, John McCain Share Concerns on Russia

March 02, 2017
The Republican senators said during a CNN Town hall contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia should be thoroughly investigated.

Takeaways from President Trump’s Address to Congress

March 01, 2017
Mr. Trump avoided attacks and jibes, but priorities remain the same, GSPM Professor Michael Cornfield says.

Trending Today: President Trump Addresses Congress

February 27, 2017
Students discuss what they'd most like to hear Donald Trump discuss during his speech to a joint session of Congress.
Justice Ginsburg image

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Be Mindful of What Makes America Great

February 24, 2017
Supreme Court justice discusses gender equality, immigrants’ rights and freedom of speech at George Washington University.
cnn mccain graham town hall

Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham Coming to Campus for CNN Town Hall

February 23, 2017
GW students, faculty and staff will receive an email on how to request to attend the March 1 event.

In His Own Words: A Founding Father’s Educational Legacy

February 16, 2017
George Washington believed a national university in Washington, D.C., could eliminate “jealousies and prejudices.”

Black Athletes and Activism

February 15, 2017
Experts from ESPN discuss at GW the pros and cons of athletes taking public stands on sometimes controversial issues.