Mortality Study in Puerto Rico Provides Opportunity to Save Lives

June 08, 2018
GW researchers will publish an initial report this summer that estimates deaths on the island related to Hurricane Maria.

GW Researcher Finds Medical Care Providers Overprescribe Antibiotics

June 01, 2018
Despite knowing antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, prescribers often believe they “can’t hurt” a patient with cold or flu symptoms.

Can Art Therapy Defuse Teacher Burnout?

May 31, 2018
Art therapy alumna Christina Hagemeier devised a research project to explain the ABCs of burnout and to show educators that they are not alone.

Return to Spider Island

May 25, 2018
On a remote volcanic island in the South Pacific, GW’s Biology Department Professor Gustavo Hormiga searches for rare spiders.

Walkable Urban Development Is Revitalizing Downtown Detroit

May 09, 2018
The shift to building dense, walkable communities has placed Detroit in the midst of its renowned turnaround, according to a George Washington University report.

Edward C. Green Fellows Will Contribute to Social and Political Change

May 08, 2018
The Department of Anthropology’s newly established Edward C. Green Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund will train professionals who plan to work outside academia.
CLB Scholars

Four GW Women Named Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

May 07, 2018
The first cohort of SEAS sophomores will receive funding to pursue engineering research over the next two years.

Millennials + Mobile Payment Apps Are more likely to = Financial Mismanagement

May 04, 2018
A new Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center study shows that millennials who use mobile payment services for transactions have lower levels of financial literacy compared to non-users.

Forensics Class Meets the Real Victim in DNA Case Study

May 02, 2018
GW Forensics Molecular Biology students solved a case and learned about the survivor who was spurred to activism by a horrific crime.

Student Research Spotlights GW’s Segregated Past

April 30, 2018
The Symposium on Race and Discrimination examined desegregation in student enrollment, Lisner Auditorium and Greek life.
Solar table on Kogan Plaza

Sustainability Minor Continues to Attract Student Interest

April 30, 2018
Biology faculty member Tara Scully is the new director of the minor.
Sylvain Guiriec

GW Physics Professor to Meet with President Macron

April 23, 2018
NASA scientist Sylvain Guiriec, a French citizen, participated in Emmanuel Macron’s welcome ceremony Monday and will meet with him and his staff.
Pratik Mistry

Pratik Mistry Explores Brain Function with Undergraduate Research

April 23, 2018
The senior in biomedical engineering captured and analyzed images of the neurons that control tongue muscle movement.
startup showcase

Today Is the ‘Best Time’ to Secure Startup Funding

April 20, 2018
The inaugural Startup Showcase highlighted four companies with GW roots.

Research: 1 in 3 Americans Financially ‘Fragile’

April 20, 2018
High debt, lack of assets and low financial literacy contribute to the problem, according to GW researchers.