Puerto Rico

SPH Research Project to Study Hurricane Mortality in Puerto Rico

February 22, 2018
A research team will analyze existing records to estimate the excess mortality from the time Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20 through February.
GW Today

GW Researchers Awarded More than $4 Million for Interdisciplinary Projects

February 22, 2018
Research grant recipients will explore subjects including solar cell efficiency, modern DNA technology and intersectional maternal care.

Human Brain Size Evolved Gradually Over 3 Million Years

February 22, 2018
A group of GW alumni and a GW professor published research on how modern humans ended up with a brain three times larger than our closest living relatives.
George Washington

The Lost Native American Context of George Washington

February 20, 2018
Dartmouth Professor Colin Calloway hopes to restore Native Americans to a history that has often erased them.
Adult Literacy

Literacy App ‘Fulfilling A Need’ in Adult Education

February 20, 2018
Adult learners can improve their literacy with convenience and discretion using a smartphone app designed by a recent GW alum.
GW Today

Seminar Series Aims for ‘Progress’ on Sugar Consumption

February 20, 2018
Events at the School of Public Health will bring together interdisciplinary experts from industry, policy and public health to discuss how to reduce sugar intake.

Five Tips to Improve Heart Health

February 12, 2018
An associate professor in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences suggests individuals reduce stress and exercise daily.
Olympics class

Students ‘Excited to Learn’ at PyeongChang Olympics

February 06, 2018
A group of GW students led by Professor Lisa Delpy Neirotti will collect data for the International Olympic Committee in South Korea.
program on extremism

Jihadists Returning to the U.S. Concern Law Enforcement

February 06, 2018
A new GW Program on Extremism report identifies 64 Americans who traveled to join Jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria.
Maeve McCool

GW Undergraduate Researchers Doing ‘Remarkable Work’

February 05, 2018
Research with faculty mentors has shaped the undergraduate experience and future career paths for many GW students.
Textile journal

GW Museum and Textile Museum Relaunches Textile Museum Journal

January 22, 2018
Annual scholarly journal, on hiatus since 2004, is back in circulation in digital form.

SMPA to Focus on Urban and Rural Divide with New Grant

January 16, 2018
The school was awarded $699,600 to study how different communities experience their worlds within political and cultural media bubbles.

Nuclear Physicist Urges Students to Find Champions

January 16, 2018
GW Conference on Undergraduate Women in Physics Speaker Kawtar Hafidi discusses her path to leading major research at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Can You Manage Your Money?

January 05, 2018
New PwC US-funded project from GW’s Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center aims to ensure high school students are financially literate.
Rajiv Rimal

SPH Researcher Awarded $4 Million To Study Anemia in India

January 05, 2018
More than half of all women of childbearing age in India are anemic, which can cause dizziness, rapid heart rate and fatigue.