2024 Commencement Highlights







    What's Good?: Who is Your Biggest Female Role Model?


    What Did You Miss Most About GW While You Were on Winter Break?

    What's Good?: What is Your Favorite Study Song?

    GW Here & Now: What's Good? If Someone Was Coming to DC For A Day What Would You Recommend They Do?

    GW Here and Now: What is Your Favorite Lunch Spot on Campus?


    GW Here and Now: What's Good? What Is Your Favorite Neighborhood in DC?


    GW Here and Now: What is One Thing You Want to Accomplish Before the end of the Semester?



    GW Here and Now: Favorite Things about GW Location


    GW Here and Now: How many Cherry Trees are on the National Mall?



    GW Here and Now: How many museums from the National Mall can you name?


    GW Here and Now: What’s Good? What are you most excited to do this fall?



    GW Here and Now: What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?


    GW Here and Now: Boo Bash



    GW Here and Now: Where are you from?


    GW Here and Now: What Class Are You Looking Forward To This Semester?



    GW Here and Now: What's Good? Tell Us Why You Chose GW


    GW Here and Now: Iced Coffee all year?



    GW Here and Now: This or That?


    GW Here and Now: What's Good? What Is Your Favorite DC Winter Activity?





       IN 60 SECONDS



    In 60 seconds: Planet Forward


    In 60 seconds: George Washington and Early American History



    In 60 Seconds: Dr. David Huber discusses HIV Prevention


    In 60 Seconds: COVID-19 & Pregnancy with Assistant Professor Emily Smith



    In 60 seconds: Improving Ultrasound Imaging with Bubbles


    In 60 Seconds: Dr. Michael Knight's Advice For The 2022/2023 Flu Season



    In 60 seconds: GW Asst. Professor Vontrese Pamphile Discusses Corporate Authenticity






    Jen Psaki's Commencement Address 2024

    GW Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship Awards 2024



    Congratulations, President Granberg!

    Smith Center Court Transformation

    GW - A-10 Conference Announcement


    Have you met... Elizabeth Kuntz

    Class of 2027 Welcome Week Highlights

    Welcome Message from President Ellen M. Granberg


    Kwaysee Wright Discusses Affirmative Action & the SCOTUS Decision

    Open Doors: Diego Alonso, SEAS '23

    GW Class of 2023 Memories


    GW Commencement for the Class of 2023

    GW Match Day 2023 Recap

    Global Women's Institute's 10th Year Anniversary Celebration and Award Ceremony


    GW DocuSeries: Building Evidence: The Global Women's Institute

    Celebrating #WomenInScience at GW

    GW Professional Headshot Booth


    District House Unveils Revamped Dining Hall

    Corcoran Legacy Exhibit — Maida Withers

    Midterm Election Results

    A Conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck and Political Science Professor Sarah Binder


    GW Open Doors: Jacy Case

    A Dream Realized

    GW Alumni and Families Weekend 2022 Highlights


    Beyond the Classroom

    GW 2023 Celebration of Scholarships and Fellowships

    Student Leaders: Who Inspired Your Leadership?


    Addressing Suicide Risks Among Black Youths

    A Conversation with Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology Sherry Molock

    GW Associate Professor Imani Cheers Talks Juneteenth


    Prevalence of Long Covid in university setting 



    2023 Blossom Bash Highlights


    Prevalence of Long Covid in university setting 

    2023 Blossom Bash Highlights