Virtual Student Resources to Get Ready for Finals

There are a lot of resources, including a virtual version of Chalk-In, that can help you finish the spring 2020 semester.

Online Learning
(Maansi Srivastava/GW Today)
April 23, 2020

As George Washington University students are preparing for final exams in a virtual learning environment, GW Today put together a guide to manage stress and tackle academics.

Students can utilize these virtual resources while keeping academic integrity in mind in online learning environments. There are even virtual events to help students.

Take a look at these resources:


Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Sheltering in Place
Graduate School of Education & Human Development (GSEHD) professor Delishia Pittman gives tips for maintaining mental health while sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campus Life 101: Let’s Talk about Self Care
While self-care has a reputation for indulgence, the practice is actually about simple activities that nurture overall health.

Five Tips for Relieving Stress during Final Exams
University staff share easy methods to alleviate stress during exam week.

Campus Life 101: Managing Stress
Stress is the boogeyman of high-achieving students everywhere. But with conscious management, it can be a friend instead of a foe.


Virtual Library Resources
Academic Commons offers tutoring and course reviews throughout the final exam period. There is a workshop on exam study skills, time management and how to maintain motivation after a low test score at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 28. Students can take advantage of virtual tutoring from multiple GW departments. Students who need specialized software to finish up assignments can use the virtual computing lab to access some of the library’s most requested software such as ArcGIS, NVivo12, RStudio, SAS, SPSS and more. All of the remote library services to find research materials and schedule research consultations are also still available.

Communication, Well-being and Flexibility Are Key to Virtual Learning Period
Educational technology expert Natalie Milman said students and teachers should keep lines of communication open.

Campus Life 101: Adjusting to College Academics
Getting familiar with GW’s many available student resources is key to academic success.


Virtual Chalk-In
Chalk-In(stagram) is a virtual take on a GW tradition that provides the GW community an opportunity to celebrate art, relax and relieve stress before finals. Check out the Student Life Instagram (@studentlifeatgw) on Tuesday, April 28 to see how you can "draw" on H Street and engage your creative side!

Anxiety Toolbox 
Anxiety Toolbox is a 1-hour workshop designed to help students increase their understanding of anxiety and provide them with the skills to recognize and manage their anxiety symptoms. Join us on WebEx during the dates and times below - no registration required!

Getting Unstuck: Depression Workshop
Getting Unstuck is a three-session, 1-hour workshop designed to help students increase their understanding of depression and provide them with the skills to recognize and manage their depressive symptoms.  No registration required!

Mental Health Discussion Series
Mental Health Discussion Series is a weekly, 1-hour discussion, designed for students to collectively meet with a counselor and discuss various topics. Whether you struggle with your own well-being or are a concerned GW community member, you are welcome to drop into this free group discussion—no registration required!

Do you love podcasts? So do we! Listen to the weekly featured podcast episode on your own, then join us on Thursdays for a group discussion via WebEx. Oprah Super Soul Conversations--Oprah and Michelle Obama: Your Life in Focus (February 12, 2020)

Run/Walk Challenge 
GW Campus Recreation is holding a run/walk challenge April 27 through May 31. The challenge is for walkers, runners, joggers and everyone in between! There are four distances to choose from including 15, 25, 45 and 65 miles. Those who complete the challenge will be entered to win a prize from GW Campus Recreation.

Division for Student Affairs Provides Virtual Support
DSA is providing comprehensive well-being services and activities during the virtual learning period.

Student Life


Academic Commons Is One-Stop Shop for Student Resources

August 27, 2018

Centralized navigation system will help students access support on topics including academic advising, available study spaces, class syllabi and low-cost textbooks.