GW Launches Telehealth App to Better Meet Student Needs

Pilot partnership with AcademicLiveCare allows students to schedule a telehealth or virtual counseling service with the click of a button.

February 6, 2023

Telehealth graphic

The George Washington University’s Student Health Center has rolled out another resource for student well-being—this one accessible with the click of a button. This semester, GW launched an expanded telehealth and virtual counseling service through a pilot partnership with AcademicLiveCare (ALC), giving full-time students the opportunity to see a counselor, nutritionist, psychiatrist or medical provider at a time either more convenient to their schedules or at more of an individualized comfort level.

The service also comes at no cost for eligible full-time students so long as they enter the GW coupon code, which is provided below. Medical students are not eligible to participate as they receive separate services through their school.

Available on desktop browsers and in the App Store for iPhone users or Google Play store for Android, ALC is a user-friendly program that allows students to schedule an appointment with a professional in just a few clicks. 

“One of the reasons we thought it was important to incorporate AcademicLiveCare into our current model for mental health and wellness is to provide as much access as we can to our students in ways that they wanted and needed,” said Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Colette Coleman

ALC is an extension of GW’s on-campus health services and does not replace the regular offerings of the Student Health Center or Counseling and Psychological Services. 

“It shores up what we already have,” Coleman said. “It’s not a replacement, but it expands the capacity for our mental health and wellness offerings for students. The service adds another resource that students can utilize.” 

Flexibility is key, as students can access ALC at any time and in any location, including after hours, during breaks throughout the school year or while away from campus. For example, if a student needs to utilize a resource but is away from D.C., they will be connected to a provider in the area where they are. 

In addition, appointments can be made in private from the comfort of a residence hall room, so students who are interested in a service but who don’t necessarily want to make an in-person visit have options.  

“It can provide an entry point for students who might even be new and curious,” Coleman said. “There might be some students who are apprehensive about therapy or counseling or doctors in general. I think this allows them to expand on that curiosity.”

Coleman also pointed out the convenience of seeking urgent medical care through the app. If a student is feeling ill and does not feel up to or able to visit an in-person clinic such as the Student Health Center, then they can schedule a virtual appointment. 

To create an ALC account, students simply need to enter the service key ALC, their name, GW email address, gender, date of birth and primary location/state. They will also be prompted to create a unique individual password. Once a user account is created, students may immediately access these services to schedule virtual visits.  

When scheduling an appointment/session, a user will be prompted for payment. GW students do not have to pay for this service. In the payment prompt, they will enter the GW coupon code, which is ALCGWU.

Those who did not utilize the coupon code and who might have accidentally paid out of pocket can contact ALC customer support at 886-882-0343 to let them know they are a full-time GW student. Coupon codes should be ready when calling to request a refund. Coleman encouraged feedback from users, as the ALC partnership is currently in its pilot phase. “We want to hear from people so that we can ensure that we’re making the best decision moving forward,” she said. 

Those who wish to share feedback should reach out to [email protected].