Student Publications Write GW’s Story

Creativity and commitment come together in six undergraduate student publications.

Student Pub
February 25, 2015

By Brittney Dunkins

The George Washington University Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library is now home to six student publications on display at the new Undergraduate Student Publications Corner.

The permanent exhibition—located on the entrance floor of the library—is a marker of a creative crop of GW students who are channeling their passions into the printed word.

George Washington Today spoke with representatives from the five publications currently on display—The Undergraduate Law Review, The Globe, Omnibus, Wooden Teeth and the Ace Magazine— and caught up with the students behind the new student-run literary magazine, the Sundial Review.

Check out the organizations below for details on what inspires their work, how to become a reader and opportunities to get involved.


ACE Magazine

Responses provided by GW senior and Ace Magazine Editor-in-Chief Adam Middleton

Who we are: The Ace Magazine strives to connect GW’s multicultural community to the greater university body with contributions about the black diaspora experience and multiculturalism.

Look for it: The quarterly online and print magazine will be published again in March 2015.

Founded in: The Ace Magazine was founded in 2008. It was previously known as The Black Ace, the GW Black Student Union newsletter.

Inspired by: It was created to give black students at GW a place for their writing, to share thoughts and be represented at a university where they felt undervalued. The Ace became a space for these students and others to be heard. Today, the Ace staff is still inspired by that history and welcomes writing from students of all backgrounds because—as our mission statement says—“we all have similar issues no matter our color." 

Inside each issue: Each issue has original reporting and features writing covering politics, business, music, culture, fashion, health, events on campus and more.

Submit by: Email [email protected] to submit.

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The Globe

Responses provided by GW senior and editor-in chief of The Globe Molly Seltzer.

Who we are: The Globe is GW’s only undergraduate academic journal wholly dedicated to international affairs. The journal and its staff are a subset of the International Affairs Society and are also supported by the Elliott School of International Affairs. The Globe aims to engage in responsible global citizenship and encourage dynamic leadership on a community-wide and international level.

Look for it: The Globe is published twice a year. We are currently collecting submissions for the Spring 2015 issue to be published in April. The Globe staff also manages a blog on its website of new student op-eds that are published every week.

Founded in: The first issue was published in 2008, and the official staff formed in 2011. Thanks to student commitment and vision, and university support, the journal has evolved into a full-fledged peer-reviewed academic journal.

Inspired by: Our peers inspire The Globe staff. Our editors want to hear from fellow students and empower the world's next ambassadors, senators and political and business leaders. GW students want to delve into complex world issues that countries are currently grappling with from international development to climate change.

Inside each issue: Inside each issue there is a diverse collection of well-written, original work from GW undergraduates. The papers vary in theme, length and style and include everything from historical analyses to in-depth research papers.

Submit by: All GW undergraduate students are encouraged to submit their original academic papers on international affairs for consideration. The deadline for standard review is March 18 and papers up to five pages can be submitted online. Go online for information about submitting to the blog.

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Responses provided by GW senior and Omnibus President David Meni

Who we are: Omnibus is the public policy journal of the GW Roosevelt Institute.

Look for it: Omnibus is published every April and available online.

Founded in: The GW Roosevelt Institute is a student-run think tank founded in 2013 with a focus on public policy and community advocacy. The first edition of Omnibus was published in the spring 2014. 

Inspired by: The title of the journal is derived from “justitia omnibus,” translated as “justice for all”—the motto of D.C. Each author’s and editor’s passion for positive change is reflected in our policy centers: equal justice, international affairs, energy, environment, public health. Each center has its own section of the journal.

Inside each issue: A copy of Omnibus holds a variety of types of entries from short policy memos to long white papers and research projects. All submissions must relate to policy and a suggestion for change, whether on campus, in your neighborhood or on the local, state, national or international level. We also accept poetry and any visual art that provides political or social commentary.

Submit by: Send memo, paper or article submissions to [email protected]. Priority deadline is Feb. 27. The final deadline is March 17.

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The Sundial Review

Responses provided by GW senior and editor-in-chief of The Sundial Review Emily Holland

Who we are: The Sundial Review is a sharp, smart culture magazine based in Washington, D.C.

Look for it: Right now, The Sundial Review is available online. We are in the process of planning our first print issue after the successful funding of our Kickstarter project in January. The magazine doesn’t have themed issues. The staff looks for strong, clear writing and photography that makes us think.

Founded in: Founded in October 2014.

Inspired by: We love literary magazines like The Paris Review, The New Yorker and n+1 but were turned off by the relative inaccessibility of those publications to new writers. That’s where The Sundial Review comes in. We are curating the highest quality of work from writers and artists that are young and doing exciting, experimental things with writing and photography.

Inside each issue: Every issue will feature poetry, essays, short fiction and photography from our site. They also will hold a few pieces of content specifically for print so that readers get more when they subscribe.

Submit by:  Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Submission guidelines are available online and can be submitted via email to [email protected].

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The George Washington University Undergraduate Law Review

Responses provided by GW senior and 2015 Undergraduate Law Review  (GW ULR) director Adam Schilt

Who we are: The George Washington Undergraduate Law Review (GW ULR) is a student-run legal journal that examines internationally significant issues concerning law, policy, philosophy, ethics and politics. The journal is open to GW students in the Pre-Law Student Association. It prepares students for legal writing in the future and provides a professional and intellectual outlet to refine their legal writing and expand their analytical thinking skills.

Look for it: The GW ULR is published annually. We will be publish our fifth edition in early May. 

Founded in: The GW ULR was founded in 2010 and includes a director, two editors-in-chief, 11 writers, eight student editors and 11 professional editors.

Inspired by: The GW ULR is passionate pursuing the law in an academic and applied manner.  Students apply to be a part of this legal journal because they want to be intellectually challenged and examine significant legal issues, even while still being an undergraduate.  The ULR team is full of aspiring attorneys and this journal allows a chance to actively be a part of the law. 

Inside each issue: Readers will be able to find a wide array of legal issues in the ULR.  The website features information on each of the previous editions.

Submit by: Applications for writers and editors for the 2016 publication will be available beginning this August.  Email us at [email protected] to be placed on our listserv to get notification of the application.

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Wooden Teeth

Responses provided by GW senior and co-editor-in-chief of Wooden Teeth Maggie Carleen

Who We are: Wooden Teeth is the George Washington University's oldest literary and arts magazine

Look for it: Wooden Teeth publishes once a year at the end of each spring. The newest edition is slated for April 2015.

Founded in: Wooden Teeth was founded in the 1970s as the Rock Creek Review, making it the oldest literary and arts magazine on campus. It is student-run and accepts work from all members of the GW community, including students, faculty and staff.

Inspired by: Wooden Teeth gives students the chance to have their art and creative writing published in a physical, printed magazine. We are passionate about the talent and artistic ability at this school and want to represent it in the best possible compilation of creative work.

Inside each issue: Submissions of poetry, prose and 2D black-and-white art are accepted.  Each work is reviewed during two rounds of anonymous voting, and final acceptances and rejections are sent out at the end of March.  There is a limit of three submissions per person per edition.

Submit by: The submission deadline is March 16. Submit via email to [email protected]. The launch party and release of the 2015 edition and previous edition will be held at the end of April. 

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