ISO Celebrates International Education Week with Azerbaijani Ambassador

Azerbaijani Students Association joined with GW leadership at the cultural event.

November 20, 2018

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Azerbaijani Culture Day included traditional clothing, food and drink from the Asian country. (Photos by William Atkins/GW Today)

The George Washington University International Services Office along with the GW Azerbaijani Students Association welcomed the Azerbaijani Ambassador to the U.S. Elin Suleymanov to the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum on Nov. 16 as part of International Education Week. Participants got to meet Ambassador Suleymanov and learned about the unique culture of Azerbaijan.

The celebration included traditional food and drinks from the country as well dance performances and opportunities to take photos in traditional Azerbaijani clothing. Deputy Provost Terry Murphy, who leads GW’s international strategy, made remarks. Take a look at a photo gallery from the event: