GW Alumni Selected for Biden Administration

Former students have been named to work at the White House to help the administration carry out its priorities.

Several GW alumni have been selected to work for the Biden administration. (Courtesy photo)
March 08, 2021

Members of the George Washington University community have been selected to join the ranks of highly-experienced experts who will be working on the White House staff and assisting the new presidential administration in carrying out its priorities.

Several GW alumni are among the thousands of professionals appointed by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ administration.

The administration members will work on efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic and provide economic relief, tackle climate change, advance racial equity, reform the nation’s immigration system and restore America’s international standing.

The GW alumni who will work in the Biden-Harris administration include:

  • Tanya Bradsher, M.P.S. ’19, was appointed as the senior director for partnerships and global engagement on the National Security Council (NSC).
  • Stephen M. Goepfert, B.A. ’08, will serve as the personal aide to Mr. Biden.
  • Ike Hajinazarian, M.P.S. ’19, was named as the White House’s regional communications director.
  • Emily Horne, B.A. ’04, M.A. ’09, will serve as the NSC spokesperson and senior director for press.
  • Rohini Kosoglu, M.P.S. ’08, was picked to serve as the domestic policy adviser to the vice president.
  • Jeff Marootian, B.A. ’01, M.P.A. ’03, was appointed as special assistant to the president for climate and science agency personnel.
  • Cathy Russell, J.D. ’88, was named the director of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.
  • Rachel Wallace, B.A. ’10, will serve as the special assistant to the president and chief of staff for the Office of Presidential Personnel.
  • Ashley Williams, M.P.S. ’19, was picked to serve as the special assistant to the president and deputy director of oval office operations.
  • Remi Yamamoto, B.A. ‘14,  was appointed as the senior adviser for communications to the chief of staff.
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