Counseling Services Expanded to Mount Vernon Campus

University Counseling Center announces walk-in services on Mount Vernon Campus.

August 25, 2014

By Brittney Dunkins

The George Washington University Counseling Center’s walk-in services begin Monday for students seeking counseling on the Mount Vernon Campus.

Students on the Mount Vernon Campus can meet with a UCC staff clinician Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. in Suite 119 of the Academic Building.

“It is an exciting time for the counseling center,” UCC Director Silvio Weisner said. “We are working with various university departments, expanding our staff and enhancing UCC services to promote a healthy campus community and better serve students university wide.”

Walk-in services, such as intake assessments, consultations and crisis interventions, are available on the Mount Vernon Campus.

The UCC Clinician at Mount Vernon campus will also serve as a liaison to various Mount Vernon Campus faculty, and for academic programs housed on campus, including the Honors Program and the Women’s Leadership Program

Additional walk-in and appointment services, such as individual and group counseling sessions, are available at the UCC’s Foggy Bottom Campus office, located at 2033 K Street, NW, in Suite 330.

Walk-in services are held at the UCC’s K Street office from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. An appointment is not required to speak with a counselor.

"We encourage students who are in need of support to learn about UCC services, meet with a counselor and find an option that fits their needs,” Dr. Weisner said. “From individual and group counseling to continuing care resources and referral services, UCC staff members are here to help students in maintaining their mental, emotional and overall health.”

The UCC will continue Let’s Talk/Hablemos, the drop-in program that launched in spring 2014. The program, held at the Multicultural Student Services Center, offers support to minority student populations, including students of color and LGBT students.

Let’s Talk/Hablemos will be held every Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. in Room 302 of the MSSC office, located at 2127 G Street, NW. UCC staff clinician and Diversity Services Coordinator Maria Luz Berbery and other UCC staff members, will be on site to speak with students.

Students can learn more about Let’s Talk/Hablemos at the 10th Annual MSSC Block Party that will be held Friday.

For students from underrepresented backgrounds, it may be difficult to come to the counseling center, but the MSSC office offers a more informal setting,” Dr. Berbery said. “All students are welcome to attend Let’s Talk/Hablemos, and the hope is that this can be a positive first experience with a mental health clinician, so that, if necessary, students will seek help in the future.”

"We encourage students who are in need of support to learn about UCC services, meet with a counselor and find an option that fits their needs."

- UCC Director Silvio Weisner

Student Association President Nick Gumas said that bringing UCC walk-in services to the Mount Vernon Campus is a another step in enhancing mental health services on campus.

“Students will benefit tremendously from having this service as an option," Mr. Gumas said. 

Students can also pursue group counseling services for support regarding emotion management, recovery from addictions, healthy living, meditation and mindfulness, coping with grief, and other topics. Group counseling is offered at the K Street office and facilitated by UCC staff.  

All students must complete a brief intake assessment over the phone or in person prior to scheduling an appointment with a staff clinician. All scheduled counseling appointments will be held at the UCC’s K Street office.

Students who require assistance beyond working hours or members of the university community who are concerned about a student can call the UCC 24-hour hotline at 202-994-5300 to speak with a counselor.

Members of the university community are also encouraged to fill out a CARE Network form if they are concerned about a student’s well-being. The CARE Network was established in 2012 by the Division of Student Affairs to connect students with essential health and wellness resources.

The UCC will move to a centralized wellness space that is scheduled to open at the beginning of 2015 on the ground floor of the Marvin Center. The combined wellness center will also house the Student Health Service and the Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education.

Updates to services and hours will be posted on the UCC website.