Connect to Campus Student Vlogger Series


Connect to Campus Student Vloggers

As George Washington University students adjust to the virtual learning environment, many may be wondering what life looks like for their fellow students.

The Connect to Campus student vlogger series gives the GW community a look at what life is like on the physical campus as well as an inside look of the virtual campus experience.


Meet the Vloggers


Anne Laurie Joseph



Anne Laurie Joseph, Class of 2023

"Some of my favorite hobbies and things to do include music, writing, making YouTube videos, making friends, traveling and sightseeing around D.C."


Eddie Micheletti



Eddie Micheletti, Class of 2024

"A fun fact about me is that I love to surf in my free time."


Maansi Srivastava



Maansi Srivastava, Class of 2022

"I’m in my kitchen for the 30th time today, and I keep expecting snacks to magically appear, but they’re not."


Vlogger Roundups