Student Vloggers Share Post-Election, Campus Dining and Self-Care Experiences

The Connect to Campus vloggers showcase celebrating Joe Biden’s election win, where to grab food in Foggy Bottom and how to practice self-care during hectic times.

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December 01, 2020

When Joe Biden was declared the winner on Nov. 7, many could hear cheers of celebration on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Anne Laurie Joseph, one of the Connect to Campus vloggers at the George Washington University, documented her experience that day and the celebration on Black Lives Matter Plaza, which is just a few blocks from Foggy Bottom. Take a look at her journey through the day:

The weeks surrounding the 2020 presidential election were particularly stressful, said Maansi Srivastava, another Connect to Campus vlogger. She discussed how she practices self-care during high-stress periods. Here are some of the things Ms. Srivastava does to take care of her mental health:

Remembering to stay hydrated and eating well are all parts of self-care, and Connect to Campus vlogger Eddie Micheletti shares where and how he gets food on campus amid the pandemic. Take a look at some of Mr. Micheletti’s favorite places to safely pick-up food:


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Meet the Connect to Campus Student Vloggers

November 02, 2020

Anne Laurie Joseph, Eddie Micheletti and Maansi Srivastava are sharing their unique GW experiences through video blogs.