CCAS Professor Publishes Essays by Museum Studies Grad Students

Suse Anderson compiled the collection, a third in a series.

June 5, 2023

suse anderson

Suse Anderson, an assistant professor in museum studies, compiled “The State of Museum Digital Practice,” a digital collection of essays by graduate students in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Museum Studies program.

The collection, almost 200 pages, is the third in the series. According to the introduction, it is intended that each book in the The State of Museum Digital Practice series will stand as a marker of each cohort of students and their concerns and interests in a specific timeframe. The first two versions of this publication buttressed the global coronavirus pandemic, with its huge disruptions to museum practice, education and daily life. The newest publication exists in a world still grappling with the implications of the pandemic, but is already showing signs of concern with different kinds of issues, and new possible futures for museums in their relationships with technology.