A Very GW Valentine's Day

Members of the university community share their favorite “silly love songs.”

Valentine's Day
February 12, 2016

Forget chocolate and roses: The most essential ingredient for any romantic Valentine’s Day is the music that sets the mood. GW Today assembled a short playlist, now on Spotify, with favorites from around campus.

Bob Dylan, “Make You Feel My Love”
Peter Konwerski, dean of student affairs; Leah Rosen, associate vice president, Marketing and Creative Services

“This was our wedding song, which makes it a favorite love song to us. While it was written by Bob Dylan, we love that it’s been covered by so many diverse and talented artists, from Adele to Billy Joel to Garth Brooks to Kelly Clarkson. Whenever we hear it, we try to get up and dance—including at weddings, parties and even once in a grocery store aisle.”

Paul McCartney and Wings, “Silly Love Songs”
Chelsea Raineri, junior, member of GW’s nationally ranked gymnastics team

“When I was younger, my dad would play piano and sing it to me and my mom. Whenever I hear it, it always makes me smile.”

The Magnetic Fields, “The Book of Love”
Sanjit Sethi, director, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

“I was listening to the Peter Gabriel cover of this song on a flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore when I realized the woman who I was dating was the person I wanted to grow old with.”

The O’Jays, “Love Train”
Andie Dowd, president, GW Student Association

“This is my favorite song because the lyrics have a great meaning of unity and I have a great dance from it from when I was a little kid!”

Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together” and “Your Heart’s in Good Hands”
Lorraine Voles, vice president for external relations

“Seriously, no Al Green? I fall in love with him every time I hear him!”

Various Artists, the Great American Songbook
Steven Knapp, George Washington president
“The truth is that most of the songs in the great American songbook are love songs, and I would be hard-pressed to choose among them!”