University Welcomes Students to Campus

Students settled in during Move-In Day this weekend.

August 26, 2013

President Steven Knapp and volunteers from the GW community helped approximately 3,800 students move in this weekend. More than 7,000 students will be living on the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campuses this academic year.

Check out some highlights from Move-In Day below.

students moving in to residence halls unpacking belongings from car

More than half of students who will be living on campus this year moved in over the weekend. The remainder moved in earlier last week for pre-semester programs, like Adventure Bound and the SEAS New Student Getaway.

students assisting in move in carrying in belongings to thurston hall

The Colonial Bellhops, part of the GW  Spirit Program, provided move-in services to students.

move in

Maintenance and housing staff inspected all rooms before students moved in. Facilities staff will be working extended hours in September to meet any additional requests.

President Knapp assisting with move in

President Knapp was on hand, helping students and their families get everything into the residence halls.

volunteers helping with move in

GW Housing made sure students and their families had plenty of support finding their residence halls and unloading their belongings.

 move in volunteers

GW Housing recruited many volunteers to assist their classmates with move-in. The volunteer crew was made up of students who have completed their first year at GW.

steven knapp meeting with students at move in

President Knapp made sure to visit with students and their families and welcome them to campus.

Steven Lerman checking out a room and talking to a student with their family

Provost Steven Lerman also stopped in to chat with families to make sure their move-in process was smooth and stress-free.

President Knapp checking on family during move in

Freshman Maggie Talbot, who moved into Somers Hall with her sister Annie Talbot, said move-in day was free of complications. “When President Knapp visited with us and asked how move-in was progressing, I felt so welcomed!” Her father, Bret Talbot, called the experience “extraordinarily well-organized and seamless.”