University Launches New Learning Management System

The first module to launch as part of [email protected] will provide centralized online training and professional development resources for staff and faculty.

talent at gw
July 18, 2017

The George Washington University on Tuesday launched a new learning management system, Talent@GW—Learning, that allows staff and faculty to access online training, register for in-person training and use other professional development materials like guides and videos in one place.

GW employees can sign in to their personal Talent@GW account using their GW email address and password. The system allows them to search thousands of trainings available on virtually any topic. They can complete online courses, watch webinars, register for in-person or virtual instructor-led training and download training materials.

Talent@GW—Learning, which replaces the SkillPort system, also provides a more automated, organized backbone for managing employee training. Managers can log in and assign their employees training and employees can manage their current training, track their completed training and even sign up for waitlists if a course is full. On a department, division or school level, teams can create a curriculum of various trainings that, for example, a new employee should complete as part of the onboarding process or a manager could take for leadership development.

Staff and faculty can also work with Human Resources’ Workplace Learning and Development team if they would like to add and manage training in Talent@GW—Learning. (Requests should be directed to [email protected].)

Talent@GW—Learning will be used for all compliance training previously offered through SkillPort. offerings also will be available through Talent@GW—Learning, making it easier to access GW’s professional development resources in one place. The system will use WebEx as the platform to deliver virtual instructor-led training.

“Talent@GW—Learning is a one-stop shop for GW’s staff and faculty professional development opportunities,” said Dale McLeod, interim vice president of human resources. “The system will help improve access to professional development resources and training, increase the focus on career growth and development at GW and support performance-related goals across all areas of the university.”

Talent@GW­—Learning is the first of several modules that will comprise Talent@GW, a central system for employees to manage their careers at the university, from hiring to onboarding, performance management, compensation and succession planning.

From now through 2019, the university will launch five additional modules: performance management, compensation management, recruiting, onboarding and succession management. Staff and faculty will receive more information about Talent@GW by email, and HR representatives are available to answer questions.

For more information about Talent@GW, including how to access it, the timeline of implementation for all modules and training on how to use the system, visit the Talent@GW website. And watch this video.

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