University Celebrates Faculty and Staff Excellence

Annual event recognizes members of the George Washington community who honor university values.

November 11, 2013

Celebration of Excellence

Senior Matthew Wilson greets Vice President for Human Resources Sabrina Ellis (right) after winning the Student-Staff Excellence Award.

The George Washington University paid tribute to faculty and staff members who have shown exceptional dedication to the university at the 12th annual Celebration of Excellence held on Thursday.

Five awards were given out: the Staff Excellence Award, the Faculty Excellence Award, the Student-Staff Excellence Award, the Departmental Excellence Award and the Collaborative Partnership Award. Three finalists were chosen in each category after being nominated by their colleagues.

Vice President for Human Resources Sabrina Ellis described the values that GW has adopted—communication, community, diversity, excellence, learning, respect, service, sustainability and teamwork—and said that the individuals nominated for awards have consistently demonstrated these qualities. She said they have also shown a commitment to collaboration and working together to achieve university goals.

“They woke up every day and said, ‘I’m going to be excellent.’ They have demonstrated that resolve,” Ms. Ellis said.

She introduced President Steven Knapp, who also emphasized the importance of collaboration and how faculty and staff members work together to help not just the GW community but the local D.C. community as well. He asked everyone nominated for an award to stand up to be recognized by the audience.

“It’s impressive to see how many of you are appreciated for what you do every day at George Washington,” Dr. Knapp said.