Supporting Students

November 01, 2010

The newly named Office of Non-Degree Students aids hundreds who study at GW.

GW’s more than 800 non-degree students range in age from 13 to 81.

Some are junior high students taking a class through the university’s Center for Talented Youth, some are exchange students, some are working professionals trying to advance their career, still others are neighbors auditing a class.

“We represent a very diverse and eclectic group of students that vary greatly in age and academic experience,” says Timothy Terpstra, director of the Office of Non-Degree Students.

The office, which is part of Academic Affairs and located in the Academic Center, was recently renamed to better reflect its mission and the population it serves. It was previously the Office of University Students.

“We believe the name change will allow prospective and current students to better find us whether on the web or in person,” says Mr. Terpstra.

He says more than 600 non-degree students study on campus, while over 200 are in off-campus programs. The students take courses in schools across the university, and their tuition brings in $10 million in revenue to the university each year.

The Office of Non-Degree Students, which is staffed by Mr. Terpstra and Executive Coordinator Stephanie Shapiro, processes non-degree applications and makes all admissions decisions within 48 hours of application. It also helps non-degree students register for courses and in general serves as a dean’s office for other academic and administrative functions.

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