Students Participate in Virtual Meet and Greet with Justice Breyer

In an #OnlyatGW moment, the Supreme Court justice answered questions from students about the court’s most impactful decisions, how the justices reach compromise and more.

Justice Breyer Meet and Greet
Nineteen undergraduate and GW Law students
September 23, 2020

Howard Brookins III, a senior studying public policy and economics in the George Washington University School of Business and GW Student Association president, has long wanted to be a judge.

“I have a picture of Thurgood Marshall hanging on my wall,” he said. “My grandfather used to joke and say that after law school I should skip being a lawyer and just be a judge.”

So, Mr. Brookins was “ecstatic” when he was informed that he was one of a few students selected to participate in a virtual meet and greet with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, following his appearance last Thursday on an online panel in honor of Constitution Day. The event was part of GW’s Presidential Distinguished Event Series.

 In all, 19 students were selected for the meet and greet. The GW Law students, all in their third year, were selected by the GW Law Dean of Students' office because of their leadership positions, moot court activities or other law school involvement. The undergraduate students were chosen from questions they submitted on social media or leadership positions on campus.

Participants asked Justice Breyer about his favorite and least favorite Supreme Court opinions, the most effective ways to reach compromise on controversial issues and how the Court engages in impartial justice in the current politically-polarized climate. 

Ashlyn Roberts, a third-year law student, said she was thankful that the school was able to host such an event even in a virtual setting and recalled previous visits from other Supreme Court justices in recent years including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor.

“I haven’t been in law school for a full three years but have had the opportunity to interact or see multiple Supreme Court justices,” Ms. Roberts said. “That’s a rarity among my peers, definitely an #OnlyatGW moment.”

Take a look at a video clip from the meet and greet:

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