Student Success Workshops Provide Tools for Semester Challenges

Four practical workshops on study skills, stress management and real-world success are open to GW students.

January 30, 2017

By Ruth Steinhardt

A series of Student Success Workshops offered over the spring semester will assist students at the George Washington University build study skills and access resources for academic success.

There are four events in the series, which is hosted by the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement in cooperation with GW Libraries.

Students are encouraged to bring phones and laptops to the workshops, where facilitators will introduce them in real time to apps, organizational frameworks and browser extensions.

“Our hope is that students attending the workshops leave with practical skills that can enhance their academic experience,” said Kiran Edelstein, coordinator of the workshops along with the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement in GW’s Division of Student Affairs.

Each hour-long workshop is timed to suit the needs of students. No preregistration is required, and the workshops are open to all undergraduate students.

The first, “Time Management, Organization and Prioritization,” held 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Jan. 30 in Marvin Center 309, will introduce students to apps, worksheets and Google Calendar extensions to help with the organizational struggles that can strike at the beginning of the semester.

February’s workshop is a collaborative partnership among the Office of Student Support and Family Engagment, GW Libraries and the Center for Career Services.  Entitled “Finding Summer Success,” the workshop will outline options for students who may not yet have nailed down summer plans.

In March, a “Healthy Mind, Stronger Me” workshop, presented in conjunction with the Colonial Health Center, will give students wellness tips in the face of midterm exams stress.

The final workshop in April, “Translating Classroom Passion to the Real World,” is the most “exciting” for Ms. Edelstein, as it encourages students to be creative in the practial applications of their academic interests.  

“We often hear from students who will say, ‘I’m really excited about Greek history—how can I turn that into a job?’” Ms. Edelstein said. “So in April’s workshop, they’ll hear from GW community members—especially those whose first career was not in an academic environment —about how to use their passions in careers they might not have looked at or might not even know about. Hopefully, that will open students’ eyes to what’s around them and the possibilities for their careers following graduation.“

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