Staci Fowler Named Managing Director for Employer Services

Ms. Fowler will oversee employer relations and the newly launched employer development initiative.

Staci Fowler Managing Director of Employer Services
Staci Fowler has joined the Center for Career Services as the managing director for employer services
June 24, 2013

When Staci Fowler began her career more than 15 years ago at the University of Virginia, she had no idea she was laying the groundwork for a future at the George Washington University.

“Not only did I work at the Career Center, but I saw the value in it,” said Ms. Fowler, a graduate of the sociology program at the University of Virginia and the master of arts program in communication, culture and technology at Georgetown University.

The impact of university-level career services on her career, combined with her success in marketing, communications and recruitment across the public and private sectors, make Ms. Fowler a precise fit for her new position as managing director of employer services with the GW Center for Career Services.

“I was attracted to GW because of President Knapp’s strong message and commitment to enhance career services and make it a cornerstone initiative of the university,” Ms. Fowler said.

The Employer Relations Coordination project team, a committee of the Career Services Advisory Council, envisioned the position as an integral part of the new employer development model recommended by the Career Services Task Force after a review in 2010 and 2011.

“Creating a position that oversees a whole new employer development program, in addition to our employer relations team, allows us to proactively and collaboratively reach out to employers and build strategic partnerships,” said Assistant Provost for University Career Services Rachel Brown.

As a former college recruiter at Bloomberg L.P., a communications specialist at the Department of Energy and the associate director of education communication at the Public Broadcasting Service, Ms. Fowler has developed a host of connections and industry insight that will inform her work at GW.

Now, as managing director of employer services, Ms. Fowler will work with the council to manage the employer development pilot program, which kicked off this spring.

The initiative will build new relationships and expand existing employer relations and development activities across the university.

Five employer development consultants (EDs), with experience in business development, sales and corporate and federal recruiting, were hired to forge partnerships in the nonprofit, government, for profit and international sectors.

These consultants will also focus on creating relationships with organizations that align with university priority areas such as sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The EDs will also collaborate with the council to gain information on recruiting and hiring trends, improve employer services in the career centers and better connect students and alumni with prospective employers.

 “Oftentimes, when people think of Washington, they think of the Hill, but there are a variety of leading industries in the area that provide opportunities and connections locally, nationally and globally,” Ms. Fowler said.

 “We would like to see an expansion of exclusive relationships with employers that have a range of career fields within their organization,” she said.

One such relationship is in development with Macy’s, Inc., which hires 1,000 new staff annually in finance, business, liberal arts areas and IT and system development. Macy’s is currently working with the EDs to coordinate a partnership that would better connect students with the company.

Next up for Ms. Fowler and the council is a new web portal that will provide a comprehensive view of career services for employers. 

 An updated career calendar will showcase events for students and employers across all disciplines, such as the 2013 Fall Career and Internship Fair, scheduled for Sept.  12.

“We are ready to get to work on new ways to create a buzz around career services and create new ways to connect students and employers,” Ms. Fowler said.