Rolling Back in Time

In photos, see how the University Student Center was transformed into a '90s roller rink for GW students to unwind and build community.

March 22, 2024

Students tying their skates

GW students tie their roller skates and get ready to hit the makeshift rink in the University Student Center on Wednesday night. (Photos by Jordan Tovin/GW Today)

George Washington University students took a step back to the '90s on Wednesday night, lacing up their roller skates and grooving to the iconic beats of the time as the first floor of the University Student Center was transformed into a nostalgic rink. Roller Rewind, an event put on by the Division for Student Affairs, gave students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the ultimate retro experience with throwback decor, food and a variety of attractions straight out of the '90s. 

There were also classic arcade games and plenty of snacks for those needing a break from the rink or for those who chose to observe rather than wheel. 

GW Today photographer Jordan Tovin captured part of the three-hour extravaganza and shared some of his favorite photos.