Revolutionaries Visual Identity Unveiled

The new moniker and its accompanying logos and designs will start appearing in the coming weeks and months in athletics venues, campus signage, merchandise and events.

August 14, 2023

GW Revolutionaries

Following an extensive community engagement process, the George Washington University announced in May the selection of Revolutionaries as its new moniker. Throughout the last academic year, students, alumni, faculty and staff were engaged at events, encouraged to participate in surveys, and were even encouraged to use pennants and other giveaways to express their preferences about an array of moniker possibilities. In the end, the results were very clear: Revolutionaries best reflected the ambition of GW community members to go beyond the conventional, shift mindsets, break barriers and create a new future for themselves and the world.

That distinguishable GW spirit that Revolutionaries represents now has a visual identity.

Logos and related designs for Revolutionaries and its abbreviated form “GW Revs” have been unveiled, and the new moniker and its accompanying visual identity will be implemented throughout the coming weeks and months in athletics venues, campus signage, merchandise and events.

GW Revolutionaries and GW Revs visual identities have been revealed.
The visual identities for Revolutionaries and its abbreviated GW Revs. Swimming and diving is used as an example in the above image. 

The Revolutionaries and GW Revs logos, which will maintain the buff and blue color schemes, will be visible on signage throughout the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon and Virginia Science and Technology campuses starting late August.

“So many members of the GW community offered passionate input during the past academic year to help select Revolutionaries as the moniker that best reflects the values and spirit of the university, and this new visual identity proudly reflects that,” said Vice President for Communications and Marketing Ellen Moran.

Revolutionaries and GW Revs apparel will be available for online purchase from the GW Campus Store starting this fall.

In addition, the process for changing the few remaining uses of “Colonials” continues. Entities that still incorporated “Colonials” have been renamed to the following:

  • Colonial Temps is now GW Temps.
  • Colonial Cash is now Campus Cash.
  • Colonial Printing is now GW Printing.

GW officials have also conducted an audit, both of physical and online spaces, to determine where name changes still need to be made. The university anticipates this work to conclude during the fall semester.