Planning for Parking

April 4, 2011

The university says it will meet the parking needs of all GW community members affected by the anticipated demolition of the University Parking Garage (UPG), located at 22nd and H streets, this summer.

UPG’s demolition is the first step in construction of the proposed Science and Engineering Complex (SEC). Demolition preparations will begin in late May with demolition starting as early as June, pending final D.C. Zoning Commission approval.

In April, the university will begin transitioning existing UPG parkers with relocation of designated individuals to the below-grade garage on Square 54 at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW. The university will occupy level P5 and a portion of level P4 of the garage, which is operated by Colonial Parking.

Remaining UPG parkers will transition in April and May to various locations, with some relocating to the Kennedy Center at a reduced monthly rate of $150. Kennedy Center parking will be available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. with GW shuttle service to and from the campus to augment existing Kennedy Center shuttle service.

The two-month transition of UPG parkers will begin with individuals relocating to Square 54 followed by faculty, students, staff and contractors relocating to other locations. All parkers will be notified approximately two weeks prior to their move with information on new parking location and access instructions.

“We have a plan to replace all of the UPG parking spaces and will be able to accommodate all patients, visitors, students and faculty in the parking program,” says Senior Associate Vice President for Operations Alicia O’Neil Knight.

Under the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan, the university is committed to maintain a minimum of 2,800 parking spaces. In anticipation of UPG’s eventual demolition, the university has already begun to address this with the creation of new parking, including 178 spaces in South Hall and 362 GW-dedicated spaces at Square 54.

Several upcoming projects will add to this inventory, including approximately 400 spaces anticipated in the new underground Law Learning Center and garage between F and G streets at 21st Street, as well as approximately 380 spaces in the new SEC. Once the SEC is complete, all parking previously housed in the University Parking Garage will have been replaced on campus.

Additional information will be forthcoming to individuals in the parking program in the coming days.