In Photos: Two Student Groups Organize Event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The African Students Association and the Black Girls Pre-Health Collective co-sponsored the event to spread awareness about the disease.

November 8, 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Event 2023

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the George Washington University's African Students Association organized a breast cancer awareness service initiative on Oct. 28. This event was co-sponsored by the Black Girls Pre-Health Collective and served to spread awareness of breast cancer and its impacts, the importance of breast health and honor breast cancer survivors as well as those lost to the disease.

At the event, attendees created carefully assembled care packages that included creative handmade bracelets, flower bouquets and handwritten notes. The event also featured two guest speakers: Sherrie Flynt Wallington, associate professor of health disparities and oncology at the GW School of Nursing, and Gillian Lichota, a metastatic cancer survivor and founder of the iRise Above Breast Cancer Foundation. Their inspiring words sparked feelings of empowerment and motivation amongst attendees and encouraged them to continue spreading breast cancer awareness. Here are some images from the event captured by photographer Jennifer Igbonoba: