In Photos: Graduates Define Their GW Experience

Members of the Class of 2019 shared the one word that sums up their experience at GW.

Commencement Whiteboard
Valen Fey (l) and Antonia Lycouris, who each earned a B.A., said "tenacity" stands for sticking it out and persisting as student athletes. (Photos: Briahnna Brown/GW Today)
May 19, 2019

As graduates took to the National Mall Sunday to celebrate their time at George Washington University during Commencement, some took the opportunity to share what those years meant to them.

GW Today asked graduates to select a single word to describe their GW experience. Some responded with humor. Others chose words that were more heartfelt.

Take a look at what the 2019 graduates had to say:

Commencement WhiteboardLacey Davis (l), M.A., and Nadine Abi Jaber, M.A., said as art therapy students they had to be creative.

Commencement Whiteboard

Matthew Rosal (c), B.B.A., here with his aunt Tess Copp (l), and his brother Nino Rosal, said he came across “many surprises” in his time here at GW.

Commencement WhiteboardCharlie Patterson (r), M.P.S., with his wife, Regina Patterson, said his degree in cybersecurity strategy and information management is the “result of hard work, dedication, commitment and long hours to school and family.”

Commencement WhiteboardMary Lindgren (c), B.S., who posed with her parents, Tory (l) and Carl Lindgren, said she feels like a different person than when she came to GW to study public health. “I’ve grown a lot,” she said.

Commencement WhiteboardJames White (l), B.S., and Chris Harlig, B.A., said their four-year journey at GW has been defined by the people they met, things they learned and the experiences they had in D.C.

Commencement Whiteboard

Max Mandelbaum (l), M.D., and Arlin Delgado, M.D., said medical school was challenging and required resilience.

Commencement WhiteboardJohn Matthew Mercado, B.S., said he spent five years as an undergraduate studying systems engineering at GW and that the number has continuously been important to him in his time at the university.  

Commencement WhiteboardNathan Walk, a B.S. in systems engineering: “It’s a unique experience to be here in D.C., in the capital. #OnlyAtGW.”

Commencement WhiteboardAlberto Mounguengui, M.P.S., described the work load in his cybersecurity strategy and information management program as “intense.”

Commencement WhiteboardTim Scully (c), who received a B.A. in political science, said Commencement was amazing because he got to culminate his time at GW on the National Mall. His mother, Jennifer Scully (r), and girlfriend, Viviana Angel, said the talents and achievements of the GW graduates were amazing.

Commencement WhiteboardFrom left to right: Kelsie Ehalt, B.A.; Jillian DiPersio, B.A.; Emily Law, B.A.; Sean Buss, B.A.; and Sowmya Kottapalli, B.A., said GW exposed them to people from a broad number of geographic regions and a variety of issues.

Commencement WhiteboardBrandon Gray (l) and Etthan Tate, both B.B.A.’s, said they had to endure a lot to finish their program.

Commencement WhiteboardKyrah Altman (l), B.A., and Adam Graubart, B.A., said their adventures at GW began in living in Thurston Hall and ended with Commencement.

Commencement WhiteboardDiana Moreno, LL.M.: “I will keep striving for new heights and for new goals.”

Commencement WhiteboardFrom left to right: David Dell'Isola, B.B.A., Serri Kayed, B.A., and David White, B.A., said they had good times as undergraduates.

Commencement WhiteboardGriffin Morin, B.A., said coming to Washington, D.C., from his small hometown in Maine has exposed him to diverse people and experiences.  

Commencement WhiteboardKer Wei “Amanda” Fung (l), B.A., and Antoinette Jones, B.A., said they got the most of their GW experience by being involved in activities and clubs on campus.

Commencement WhiteboardBilly Kiely (l), B.A., and Jarrod Hendricks, B.A., said that the best part of their GW experience was the diversity of people, programs and activities.

Commencement WhiteboardShukri Dirie, B.B.A., said she had “a lot of fun” while studying at GW.

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