Petting Zoo Helps Students Fur-get Their Finals Stress

Center for Student Engagement brings cuddly animals to get GW through the end of the semester.

Miniature Horse on University Yard grass
This miniature horse was part of the petting zoo on University Yard on Thursday.
May 12, 2014

Feeling anxious about finals? Try snuggling with mini pigs, fluffy bunnies and itty-bitty ducks.

That may sound far-fetched, but not if you’re part of the GW community. After putting together a wildly successful (and adorable) Puppypalooza, the George Washington University’s Center for Student Engagement came up with another innovative idea: using a little animal therapy and organizing a petting zoo to help students, staff and faculty overcome end-of-the-semester stress.

CSE led the charge and brought Squeals on Wheels Petting Zoo to campus. The organization set up fencing and pens on University Yard and from noon to 3 p.m. on Thursday, GW community members had the opportunity to play with some cute furry friends.

"Students were elated,” said Alexander Aptheker of CSE. “One student I overheard said she could just 'feel the serotonin coursing through her veins' as she walked into the petting zoo. It was definitely a success!”