National Gallery of Art Acquires More than 6,000 Corcoran Works

NGA also announces upcoming installations, Corcoran exhibitions.

Corcoran Gallery of Art
Some of the pieces acquired by the National Gallery of Art from the Corcoran Collection. (Photographs courtesy of the National Gallery of Art)
February 06, 2015

The National Gallery of Art announced Thursday that it has completed an initial selection of 17,000 Corcoran works of art currently under its custody and added 6,430 of those items to the nation’s collection of European and American art.

The NGA acquired the Corcoran’s 17,000-item collection last year, following several historic arts agreements among the George Washington University, NGA and the Corcoran. Curators will continue to review the Corcoran works, while newly accessioned objects will have an immediate impact across NGA collections.

“This is an historic moment for the National Gallery of Art, which has an important responsibility as a steward of the renowned Corcoran collection," said Earl A. Powell III, NGA director. "We look forward to bringing this art to a larger audience, creating myriad new experiences for learning and enjoyment. The success of this continuing endeavor is dependent on the knowledge and hard work of many dedicated staff. We are all deeply grateful for the support of our trustees, colleagues, and friends."

Franklin Kelly, deputy director and chief curator at the NGA, said that the NGA’s selection of works was based upon aesthetic considerations, art historical importance and relevance to the areas the NGA collects.

“The acquisitions range widely, filling gaps and delivering significant depth and breadth,” he said. “As the review of the Corcoran collection continues, we are only beginning to realize the many ways in which the Gallery will be able to tell a more comprehensive narrative of American and European art history."

The NGA also announced that from Feb. 6 through May 3, it will present two installations in its West Building. It will show “American Masterworks from the Corcoran, 1815–1940” on the main floor and “Focus on the Corcoran: Works on Paper, 1860–1990” on the ground floor. An exhibition of photographs from both the Corcoran and NGA collections will show in the West Building photography galleries during spring 2016.

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