GWPD Highlights Safety Resources

The university will provide students, faculty and staff with information and updates through a variety of communication channels in event of an emergency.

November 29, 2016

The Division of Safety and Security are highlighting safety information and resources available to members of the GW community in light of an attack at The Ohio State University that resulted in several student injuries.

In the event of a change to the university’s operating status or an emergency that affects the ongoing safety of the campus community, the university will provide information and updates through a variety of communication channels including, GW Alerts (text and e-mail) and social media via Twitter and Facebook

Students, faculty and staff should review the Emergency Response Handbook and become acquainted with recommendations from the Office of Safety and Security in case of an emergency. The GW Emergency Preparedness Pocket Guide also has an organized list of phone numbers and information on how to make a plan for an emergency.

“We encourage the entire GW community to plan ahead for potential emergencies and talk to family, friends and classmates about their personal emergency preparedness and safety efforts,” said Senior Associate Vice President for Safety and Security Darrell Darnell. “We also encourage our entire community to be actively engaged, the safety of our campus is everyone’s responsibility.”

The Division of Safety and Security can also provide physical security assessments for academic buildings and residence halls on request. These free assessments are individualized examinations of the working or campus living spaces of a student, faculty or staff member. The assessments are aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and training personnel how to respond during a security threat.

Assessments can be scheduled by contacting the department’s senior director of physical security Mary Paradis at [email protected].

The Division of Safety and Security has promoted a video detailing how to respond if an active shooter is reported on campus. The video includes information about steps people should take in planning for a potential attack and what the best course of action would be in the moment.

As part of the Emergency Operations Plan, GW conducts an annual safety and security training exercise to examine the operational response of an emergency scenario on GW’s campus and assess coordination between the university, hospital and Medical Faculty Associates and local law enforcement agencies.

The department also offers free self defense classes open to all members of the GW community.

Members of the GW community can receive assistance by calling 911 or dialing the GW Police emergency number at 202-994-6111. The non-emergency line is 202-994-6110.

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