GW Supports Trump Administration Reversal on International Students Residency Requirement

President LeBlanc hailed the reversal as “the right decision” for international students and those who advocate for them.

July 15, 2020

George Washington University announced its support for the Trump administration’s nationwide withdrawal Tuesday of a directive to limit residency in the United States to international students who take in-person classes.

On July 6, Immigration and Custom Enforcement had issued a directive that would not have permitted international students to stay in the country this fall if they enrolled only in online classes at colleges and universities.

“This is great news for our international students and all of those who have advocated for and supported our international students through this situation,” said GW President Thomas LeBlanc. “This is the right decision, and it will help international students continue their education in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.”

On Monday, GW joined the amicus brief of more than 50 public and private colleges and universities that supported a federal lawsuit filed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to seek an injunction to stop the Trump administration’s directive.

An amicus brief is a document filed by non-parties to a lawsuit who have a strong interest in the case at issue. It aims to provide arguments or information that the court may wish to consider.

The university also had signed onto a letter to Congress spearheaded by the American Council on Education (ACE) asking congressional leaders for their assistance in rescinding the directive. 

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