GW, NOVA Celebrate New Partnership

September 15, 2011

Steven Knapp, Robert G. Templin Jr., and Steven Lerman

GW President Steven Knapp, NOVA President Robert G. Templin Jr., and GW Provost Steven Lerman announced a partnership between NOVA and GW’s College of Professional Studies at NOVA's Alexandria Campus Sept.14.

A new partnership between Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and GW’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) will help NOVA students pursue GW degrees in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

On Sept. 14 at NOVA’s Alexandria campus, GW President Steven Knapp, Provost Steven Lerman and NOVA President Robert G. Templin Jr. formally announced a new partnership that provides a pathway for qualified NOVA students with an associate’s degree in STEM fields to earn a GW bachelor’s degree through CPS’ bachelor’s degree completion program in integrated information science and technology. The students would also have the possibility of continuing on to graduate studies at GW.

“It’s imperative that Northern Virginia Community College create multiple pathways to baccalaureate and graduate education by working with our senior sister institutions,” said Dr. Templin. “Being able to do that offers not only the opportunity for our students to achieve well-paid jobs, but also it meets a particular need the economy has for a high-skilled workforce, particularly in the scientific and technical areas that underpin our economy.”

This year, NOVA will enroll approximately 78,000 students in its six campuses and e-learning programs.

Dr. Knapp said it is critical to prepare students to enter the workforce in STEM fields, which are increasingly a major source of employment. He said this partnership provides a critical and affordable opportunity for students to achieve their educational goals and will strengthen their chances for employment upon graduation.

“This is something that is very important to the future of both our institutions, very important to the region and certainly will be a contributor to the development of Northern Virginia’s economy,” he said.

GW has a strong educational presence in Virginia, including campuses and facilities in Ashburn, Arlington, Alexandria and Hampton Roads.

Dr. Lerman said he is “incredibly excited” about the partnership since it assists students who may have only recently discovered their passion for STEM fields.

“For NOVA students, it gives them a clear pathway to move from a very good community college education to get their bachelor’s degree in important STEM fields,” he said. “And for GW, we get the benefit of great students coming in, and we will share with [NOVA] the glory of what they accomplish when they leave.”