GW Holiday Video 2016: Stick Together

University sends season’s greetings with a wonderland of sticky notes.

December 19, 2016

The George Washington University’s annual holiday video is here. Assembled with thousands of squares of sticky paper by the team at Marketing and Creative Services (MCS), this year’s piece is a reminder that holidays are best spent together.

Behind the Scenes of GW’s Holiday Video 2016

Every member of the MCS office was part of the production process for this year's video, which was constructed on a wall grid 24 Post-its wide by 16 tall. Each second of video required 24 photos to be taken of the wall. Students and George were filmed in front of a green screen and added in post-production. (Photos by Logan Werlinger.)





Student Life


Creating the 2015 GW Holiday Video

December 14, 2015
University community’s memorable moments shared on social media star in the holiday greeting distributed Monday.

Find What Makes You Happy in 2015: The GW Holiday Video

December 16, 2014
President Knapp is pleased to share GW's holiday greeting to the university community.