GW Community Raises $1.8 Million during Giving Day

The annual fundraising event was the most successful in GW’s history.

April 8, 2024

George mascot urges contributions on Giving Day.

Nearly 3,500 members of the GW community donated during the 2024 Giving Day. (William Atkins/GW Today)

The George Washington University community rallied together to raise $1.8 million during Giving Day 2024, the most successful Giving Day in GW’s history.

Surpassing its goal of 3,000 donors, the university saw an outpouring of support from nearly 3,500 alumni, students, faculty, staff, families and friends hailing from all 50 states and more than a dozen countries.

Daniel J. Burgner, the executive director of annual giving at GW, said it was exciting to see the GW community unite in such a remarkable display of generosity and solidarity.

“Giving Day is an important day for GW to show our donors and alumni that every gift, no matter the size, has an impact,” he said. “It is such a blast to see the excitement around hitting the goal and knowing that every donor played a part.”

Burgner emphasized how the funds could be transformative for both students and the broader GW community, highlighting the diverse areas across the university that received support.

“Giving Day is about making a philanthropic impact wherever you choose on campus. We had people give to student organizations, sports teams, cancer research, food insecurity, academic opportunities and more,” he said. “When you give to GW, you can have an incredible impact on the university and our society because of how GW is changing the world.”

Throughout the day, a record number of matching grants and challenges were offered, magnifying the impact of each donor's contribution. Several GW schools and units exceeded their fundraising objectives, with the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences leading the charge, securing $738,539 from more than 300 donors.

To further bolster support, the Giving Day event was extended by three hours for a “Scholarship Sprint,” resulting in additional donations earmarked specifically for scholarships. These contributions will directly benefit students like junior Jax Martinez Franks, who said receiving a scholarship to GW “felt like a sign” that she belonged at the university.

“I think this may be one of the most impactful ways to support GW because it is going directly to the students,” Martinez Franks said. “Scholarships can change someone’s life and give them an opportunity to pursue what they are passionate about. At a place like GW where there are so many outside opportunities due to its premiere location, it is crucial to allow people from all walks of life to take advantage of all the possibilities D.C. has to offer.”

Looking ahead, Burgner expressed gratitude for the success of Giving Day 2024 and voiced hope for continued growth and engagement in the future.

“We had so many successes this year we want to continue,” he said. “Next year, we would love for alumni and GW family networks in different cities around the world to host Giving Day events so they can celebrate GW close to home.”

While the 2024 Giving Day campaign has ended, supporters can still make a gift to George Washington University by clicking here.