GW Community Members Pledge to ‘Be Wiser’

The National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week event promotes ways to create a healthier campus community.

Be Wiser 2013
The campus community supported "Be Wiser" Day on Friday.
October 28, 2013

At the event, which is part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, attendees learned about responsible alcohol consumption, alcohol bystander intervention and campus resources through interactive activities.

“Be Wiser Day is focused on bringing awareness to the university community about the importance of making smart decisions,” Associate Director of CADE Alexis Janda said. “It offers students an opportunity to become better acquainted with ways to create safe social experiences for their peers and themselves.”

The “Be Wiser Pledge” is tailored to students, parents, faculty and staff, outlining commitments to drink responsibly and providing support for others who may be at risk of addiction, overdose or other negative consequences of alcohol abuse. The total number of pledges by GW community members is nearly 3,000.

Nearly 500 students participated in Friday’s event, setting up tables in residence halls and on Kogan Plaza.

Student Association President Julia Susuni believes the pledge will promote a healthy and caring community.

“The GW community is able to thrive and grow with the support of many people to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable in their environment,” Ms. Susuni said. “I’m glad to see more students, parents, faculty and staff making the pledge to Be Wiser.”

CADE also hosted an event, “George’s Heroes,” on Wednesday evening, which provided students with tools to be “active bystanders.”

The George’s Heroes campaign is based on the “Everyday Heroes” bystander intervention-training campaign and focuses on preparing students to speak up if they notice their peers exhibiting behavior that could put them or others in danger.

The campaign also aims to honor everyday heroes in the GW community.

“An active bystander is anyone who sees a situation in which they can help, and they take action,” said GWise President Jennifer Brookes. “When we empower students to be active bystanders through the George's Heroes program, we can make our GW community a safer and healthier place for us all to live.”