GW Business Alumna Premiered Her First Documentary

Christina Sledge's short film, “Joined by Fate,” had showings in D.C. and Annapolis.

June 28, 2023

Christina Sledge, M.T.A. '18, premiered her short film, a love story of her and her husband.

Christina Sledge

Christina Sledge, M.T.A. '18 recently premiered her first documentary short film, “Joined by Fate” through her Sledge House Media production company during the LightReel Film Festival in Washington, D.C., and at a private screening in Annapolis, Maryland, at Landmark Theatres in June 2023.

The short film has garnered several best documentary short film awards and official selections during its film festival run. The film, according to Sledge, is about her love story with her husband, Eddie, and their 22-year marriage—a relationship that started as high school sweethearts in Brooklyn, New York, and grew through being a military family and now filmmakers.