GSPM Announces Additions to Faculty

David Rehr, Matt Dallek join school in full-time capacities; Dr. Rehr named director of new global advocacy program.

David Rehr
David Rehr is one of two full-time faculty additions to the Graduate School of Political Management this summer.
July 25, 2014

By James Irwin

The Graduate School of Political Management will add two members to its faculty this fall as it prepares to launch the first cohort of the Advocacy in the Global Environment program and implements adjustments to its political management curriculum.

David Rehr, previously a GSPM adjunct professor, will move into a full-time faculty capacity as program director of the Advocacy in the Global Environment program and associate professor. Matt Dallek, a visiting scholar at the Bipartisan Policy Center and a professor of history and politics at the University of California Washington Center, will join the George Washington University as an assistant professor of political management.

Dr. Rehr, one of the architects of the Advocacy in the Global Environment program, will oversee its continued development, including its global perspective residency courses. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and brings a business background that complements a GSPM faculty with expertise in political science, advocacy and strategic public relations.

“David has a truly rare combination of private sector and academic skills that underpin our mission as the premier school of applied politics, strategic communications and advocacy,” GSPM Director Mark Kennedy said.

Global advocacy is GSPM’s newest master’s program—a 39-credit degree launching this fall that will focus on international political management, legislative advocacy and public relations strategies. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to engage governments and other institutions around the globe by learning directly from business executives, public affairs experts, political leaders, NGO executives, media representatives and leading academics.

“It builds on the already strong academic emphasis GSPM places on political campaigns, legislative affairs and strategic public relations,” Dr. Rehr said. “We’re taking out into the world what GSPM has done so well domestically.”

Dr. Dallek, author of “The Right Moment: Ronald Reagan’s First Victory and the Decisive Turning Point in American Politics,” will teach one of GSPM’s core classes, “Principled Political Leadership.” He also will teach a special topics class this fall titled “History as a Prelude to Today’s Politics.”

“The Graduate School of Political Management has a group of terrific faculty teaching dynamic and first-rate students about the practice of politics and democracy, and I'm honored and delighted to join their team,” he said. “I'm also excited to have the chance to contribute original research on applied politics in the years ahead.”

A former speechwriter in both the executive and legislative branches, Dr. Dallek has worked for Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard and former House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt.

“Politics is all about understanding the moment,” Mr. Kennedy said. “No one has a better grasp on how candidates and campaigns can grasp those opportunities than Matt Dallek. His scholarship and teaching will impart valuable lessons for our students.”


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