GSEHD to Launch Center for Applied Developmental Science and Neuroeducation

Center will advance education and development of youths with disabilities.

Senior Associate Dean Carol Kochhar-Bryant helped announce the launch of the Center for Applied Developmental Science and Neuroeducation at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development.
October 05, 2012

A new center at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development will be a hub for the application of research from the fields of neuroscience and health science to education and development of children and youth with disabilities.

“By building new bridges among these distinct research communities, the Center for Applied Developmental Science and Neuroeducation can become a premier translational research institute that also advances teaching and learning from an interdisciplinary approach,” said Carol Kochhar-Bryant, senior associate dean of GSEHD.

The center will lead translational efforts by:

  • Building programs of applied research in education and related service delivery systems that serve children, youth and families with disabilities and health disparities.
  • Extending the interdisciplinary doctoral program that builds bridges among neuroscience, health sciences and the special education and disabilities studies communities.
  • Creating structures for interdisciplinary dialogue through a calendar of convenings, colloquia, conferences and information dissemination activities.
  • Providing opportunities for scholars to apply translational knowledge in academic, research and practice settings.
  • Establishing relationships that support and advance the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other related international activities as well as develop protocols that cultivate interdisciplinary and translational research activities.

“The center establishes a unique opportunity for GSEHD to raise George Washington’s level of recognized academic excellence in special education and disability studies,” said Maxine Freund, associate dean for research and external relations. “The center intends to focus attention on several research domains that point to promising connections with special education and disabilities research and intervention and have urgency for translation to education.”