Doug Shaw to Return to Teaching and Research

Established infrastructure "to propel our international goals forward."

July 24, 2017

Doug Shaw

Doug Shaw, who as Senior Associate Provost for International Strategy has spearheaded the university’s efforts to enhance its international programs and engagement, will return to research and teaching in the Elliott School of International Affairs, Provost Forrest Maltzman announced today.

“Doug Shaw has been a key player as we have developed a coordinated strategy around our international focus.  With many goals accomplished, we now have a structure in place to propel our international goals forward.  GW will continue to leverage Washington DC for global impact.  We are grateful to Doug for taking on this challenge with enthusiasm,” said Dr. Maltzman.

Dr. Shaw has served in the role since 2015 as part of the efforts led by the Provost’s office to implement the university’s comprehensive strategic plan. 

“GW’s Vision 2021 strategic plan identified globalization of our educational and research programs as a pillar, with a commitment to significant increases in international student recruitment and enrollment.  I am proud that much progress has been made and this remains a priority for GW,” said Provost Maltzman.

Among these accomplishments has been the expansion of the university’s undergraduate and graduate student population to more than 4,000 students, the reorganization of the International Services Office (ISO) to provide more efficient and rapid services for students and faculty from around the world, and the continued growth of programs to promote students’ academic, personal, professional and intercultural development before, during and after their study abroad experiences.

“Doug has played a critical role in raising the university’s international profile and this has clearly accelerated our ability to attract both international students and research collaborations,” explained Dr. Maltzman.

Dr. Maltzman underscored that GW’s commitment to its international strategy will continue and announced that Deputy Provost Terry Murphy will oversee the international services units going forward.  Dr. Murphy will also convene a committee of stakeholders to review our current international activities and to consult with the president, deans, and provost on any new initiatives.

Dr. Shaw previously served for seven years as Associate Dean for Planning, Research, and External Relations at the Elliott School, with a concurrent appointment as an Assistant Professor of International Affairs.  He will be on research leave during the Fall 2017 semester and will teach courses in the Elliott School during the Spring 2018 semester.