Delivering Change

September 15, 2010

Democratic Party reveals new logo at GW.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine unveiled the party’s new logo, website and slogan Wednesday at the George Washington University’s Jack Morton Auditorium.

Throughout Mr. Kaine’s speech, he described how Democrats have been making the “Change That Matters,” which is the party’s new slogan.

“Americans want to go forward, and the Democratic Party is that the party that will take us forward. That’s what we’re about – moving America forward. And that’s why we’re delivering the change that matters for Americans,” said Mr. Kaine, the former Virginia governor. “It was the Democrats that delivered on economic recovery. It was Democrats that delivered the affordable care act. And it was Democrats who delivered the biggest expansion of Pell grants and student loans in the history of the country.”

The new logo is a light-blue capital “D” with a dark blue circle around it.

Mr. Kaine said voters have always turned to the Democratic Party during tough times.

“They tuned to Democrats in the 1930s when in the midst of a Great Depression, they elected President Franklin Roosevelt to lead us. They turned to us in the 1960s when they elected President Kennedy to tackle complex challenges of a new era. They turned to Democrats in the 1990s when they elected President Clinton to get the American economy moving again and move national debt under control, and they turned to Democrats in 2008 when they elected President Barack Obama to stop America from entering into a second depression and restore our standing in the world,” he said.

The event, which was sponsored by GW’s College Democrats, also announced a new website, Users can type in their zip codes and instantly find listings of their local candidates. The personalized site can also give users contact information for local parties and local campaigns as well as information on upcoming events and how to volunteer.

“Today’s Democratic Party is ready to use every single tool in the toolbox and build new tools to help the president and Democratic leaders move this country forward because we know there is so much more work to be done,” Mr. Kaine said.

Josh Altman, president of GW’s College Democrats, said GW College Democrats worked hard to get President Obama, but they know their work is not yet done.

“It was students who made the difference in 2008, and now we’ve been called upon to make a difference in 2010,” he said.

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