Corcoran Graduate Students Share NEXT Projects

Tonight's opening reception will celebrate the final thesis works of 63 M.A. candidates.

Vaughn Holsey, who is finishing his M.A. in art education, will present his project "Dream Scape" at NEXT.
April 29, 2015

After a successful opening featuring undergraduate work, the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design will premiere the second part of its annual NEXT exhibition Wednesday night, showcasing thesis projects created by 63 graduate students. The art exemplifies the Corcoran's M.A. programs in interior design, book arts, new media photojournalism, exhibition design and more.

A reception will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Corcoran's 17th Street building. Below, George Washington Today collected some examples of the work visitors will be able to see at the opening for the first time. The exhibition will be up until May 18.

"Next Folio," M.A. Candidate Arnold Bigger


"I Will Go Back Tonight," M.A. Candidate Kara Frame


"Dream Scape," M.A. Candidate Vaughn Holsey


"Live Wire,"M.A. Candidate Julia Garcia

"Lost Along the Way," M.A. Candidate Mike Green 

"Triggering," M.A. Candidate Jennifer Heffernan

"Ada and the Spelling Bees: An Adventure in Orthography," M.A. Candidate  Sarah Denslow