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A new “one-stop shop” is assisting GW employees with human resources, parking, payroll and more.

interior of FSSC
June 30, 2010

The new Faculty & Staff Service Center (FSSC), which opened today, provides a single location for employees of the university to receive face-to-face support in the areas of benefits administration, parking and transportation services, payroll and tax services.

Located on the ground floor of Rice Hall, the walk-in center augments the current online offerings by providing in-person support. The eventual goal will be to expand the service center to include select GWorld and related functions to create the most efficient support possible for GW employees.

“The benefit of our new FSSC will be to provide the highest levels of service to our faculty and staff while creating as much of a ‘one-stop shop’ as possible, reducing the time necessary to complete important employee-related transactions,” says Chief Human Resources Officer Louis Lemieux. “By bringing various support functions together, we further our commitment to reducing our administrative space needs and freeing up more space to support the academic mission.”

The FSSC is staffed by a team of service associates who are trained to address a wide range of faculty and staff issues. The center also offers space for specialists and vendors to serve faculty and staff on an appointment basis to handle more complex support.

The FSSC was developed by a project team representing Benefits Administration, Human Resources, Payroll, Parking and Transportation Services, and Tax. The collaborating departments are also working to expand self-service and online offerings as much as possible.

Client-facing Human Resources staff and functions are also being relocated from off-campus leased-space to an area directly behind the FSSC. Several HR departments are moving to the Virginia Science and and Technology Campus and efforts are underway to create virtual support functions that do not require on-campus space. 

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