Changes to Student Laundry, Printing, Venue Fees Coming This Fall

The changes respond to feedback from students and aim to improve the student experience.

August 19, 2019

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Beginning this fall, a new approach to George Washington University laundry, printing and venue fees will significantly lower or even eliminate the charges for students—the latest effort in the university’s initiative to improve the student experience.

“We are committed to finding ways to improve the student experience and addressing the ‘nickel and diming’ perception felt by many students,” said Mark Diaz, executive vice president and chief financial officer. “This is an opportunity to correct some of the issues that have contributed to the transactional culture we want to eliminate.”

The new changes include:

Under the laundry plan, students living in university-provided housing will automatically receive on their GWorld cards 24 credits per semester that will cover either one wash or dry cycle per credit. These credits are separate and distinct from Colonial Cash and Dining Cash. Those living in university Greek housing will continue to receive the same laundry benefits.

The price of printing was solely covered by students previously. Undergraduate and graduate students will now receive $30 in credits on their Wepa accounts, starting with the fall semester and expiring at the end of the summer semester. Printing fees for color copies are also decreasing. Based on average usage, $30 will cover 427 copies for a combination of black and white and color, single- and double-sided prints.

The university will eliminate most rental charges for student organization use of many popular on-campus event venues during the majority of the academic year.  Venues eligible for waived rental fees include Lisner Auditorium, Jack Morton Auditorium, Media and Public Affairs Building Lobby, City View Room and State Room. Marvin Center venues remain free. Other venue fees, such as technology, equipment or security costs, will still apply to all venues.  Based on demand, there may be limits for use of some venues.

Students will receive more information about laundry and printing in the coming weeks. Information about venue rentals, booking requirements and reservation requests is available online.