CCAS Professor Published Book

Laura Schiavo’s book highlights how museums reflect and shape political and cultural beliefs.

February 10, 2024

fall GW campus

Laura Schiavo, the deputy director of Corcoran School of Arts and Design and an associate professor of museum studies, published the book, “U.S. Museum Histories and the Politics of Interpretation.” The book explores how museums in the United States reflect political and ideological beliefs in their exhibitions, collections and programs. 

Schiavo’s book gathers insights from historians, art historians, anthropologists, academics and museum professionals. The book makes the point that museums are deeply influenced by the politics and culture of their time, either reinforcing dominant ideas about race, gender and progress, or challenging them. “U.S. Museum Histories and the Politics of Interpretation” also provides in-depth analyses of various museums, showing how they impact ideas of nationhood, community, identity and memory.