Advice for the GW Career Exploration Expo

The Center for Career Services provides guidance for GW students attending the Feb. 16 event based on where they are in their academic and professional journeys.

February 5, 2024

Engineering Career Fair

GW students at the GW Engineering Career Fair and Symposium on Friday, Feb. 22 at the Science & Engineering Hall. (William Atkins/GW Today)

The in-person GW Career Exploration Expo returns to the University Student Center from noon-4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 16. The Expo is a student-led initiative, engaging both undergraduate and graduate students to explore possible career opportunities. In partnership with the Center for Career Services, this event provides attendees with the chance to find potential jobs or internships and is, regardless, an opportunity to network with employers.

The event takes place in the Grand and Continental Ballrooms on USC’s third floor and will feature more than 50 companies, including the U.S. Department of State, Maryland Department of Transportation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Epic, Gallup, the Peace Corps, Teach for America and many more. GW students should register in advance.

Attendees are encouraged to wear professional, business attire to make a good impression in a way that makes them feel confident. Attendees are also encouraged to have several copies of their resume to distribute to potential employers, and they should prepare a brief and compelling elevator pitch—essentially a professional introduction about themselves. Career Services advises attendees to research the companies in which they are interested to better ask informed questions, in addition to being prepared and confident in themselves.

“Career fairs are just one avenue in the job search journey, but they are great opportunities to meet with a lot of employers at once,” said Associate Vice Provost for Career Services Kelley Bishop. “Learning to articulate your career interests and capabilities is an essential skill. Every interaction at the career fair offers a chance to refine your approach, so you improve quickly.”

Here are other tidbits of advice from Career Services, broken down by year in school, for GW students planning on attending the Career Exploration Expo:


  • Use this time to see what a big career fair is like—this is great exposure to explore different career options and industries.
  • Begin building professional confidence by talking to recruiters and other students. Sign up for a GW Career Connect account to learn about alumni.
  • Practice researching different companies and their cultures.


  • Refine goals and start narrowing down career interests. 
  • Internship Search: Explore internship opportunities related to fields of interest. The Career Services’ Career Options sheets can help with that.
  • Establish a professional online presence, such as GW Career Connect and a LinkedIn profile.


  • Continue the internship search and think about how strengths and experience can benefit employers. 
  • Continue to follow up with networking leads and conduct informational interviews to gain industry and career knowledge.
  • Targeted resume building: Update resumes with relevant experiences and skills and consider having a couple of versions to suit different needs (i.e.—a marketing/social media resume and a government/hill staffer resume).


  • Job search: Actively look for entry-level positions and learn more about applying to the jobs from Expo employers.
  • Networking: Refine pitches and deepen professional networks; follow up with leads in a timely manner.
  • Hone professional communication skills and be ready to articulate post-graduate goals/ideas.


  • Research opportunities: Explore postgraduate opportunities, such as research positions or advanced degrees.
  • Networking at a higher level: Find out more about professional groups and associations to find connections to the employers. Be able to tell a story about professional experiences.

Additionally, there will be events the week of and week before the Career Expo. Here is a breakdown of those events:

Career Week Events

Attend Prepare for the Fair events, Feb. 6-9